Creator’s Heart, Part 2

Now, to love, is an art. To look deeply into each person we meet and see the form of greatness that lies within requires an artist’s eye. To be the implement that helps to bring out that form requires an artist’s touch. To blend all of the themes of a life into symphony requires an artist’s ear.

Passion Week, Wednesday: When the Going Gets Tough

I’m sure He prayed, ate some of Martha’s locally famous rhubarb pie, played a game of chess with Lazarus, who had become amazingly hard to beat lately, and listen to Mary giggle as she told Him funny stories about her childhood. I bet he got up early and went fishing with Peter, Andrew and the gang. You know they gave Judas the business because He was in a somber mood and Jesus had to tell Thomas to quit worrying about seventy-two times.

Passion Week, Tuesday: The Crisis Has Begun

Incidentally, on the following Friday, when He was unjustly executed, murdered, by a corrupt Government and Religious system, a sign was hung on the cross that named Him, satirically, the King of the Jews. This mocking message was written in three languages: Latin, the language of government; Greek, the language of education and knowledge; and Aramaic, the language of His Religion. Christ conquered, but the crisis continues. To be a disciple of Christ is to fight the same battles.

The Palms

When Jesus road through the gates of Jerusalem, the man who had raised Lazarus from the dead, the prophet from Galilee, the Pharisees nemesis, the rebel rockstar of a teacher who gently hammered the established order with his upside-down philosophies and a religion that said God could be your Papa, were the people silent or murmuring? Were they giddy with anticipation?