Something Strange

You know what? You are the only one who knows what hurts your heart. You are the only one who can recognize the truth of what you are facing. And guess what? God cares.

Road Songs, Perspective pt. 3

Our joy dissolves into a puddle of tears at our feet. That stupid cartoon thundercloud hovers above our head. We snap at everyone or cry at the smallest emotional stimulus. And some stupid preacher tells us that it’s a matter of perspective. Don’t you just want to shoot that guy? But wait, he is just the messenger, and that message is a truth that will see you through.

Manifold Witness, Perspective pt. 2

God is always moving on, mixing new colors, writing new songs. The world will never understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ until His followers learn to live as we were created to live: In joy and laughter and sorrow and tears. We must dance our lives to the ever-changing music of God’s will.