Marriage, A Definition, pt.3

It does mean that God created marriage, in part, as a foundation for raising children. Godly children carry the light of the gospel into the next generation and reach places we will never go.

Marriage: A Definition, pt. 1

Marriage is a matter of calling, but community, the fellowship of souls is a matter of life and death. God built us all for community and some of us for marriage. And so, marriage is a subset of community, not the idol it has become in many Christian circles.

Marriage, An Introduction

I am surrounded by divorce. It’s in my water. It’s in my food. It’s in the keys of my computer. It’s in my closet on my clothes because it won’t wash out in the laundry. It smells like tears and broken bones and sulfur. It tastes like sorrow and blood.


Pursuit: Lessons From a Persistent Breaking

God pursues us every day with a thousand words of love and encouragement. He pursues us with His people that He sent to love us. He pursues us with sunrises and sunsets and stars in the dark of night. He pursues us in the joy of laughter and the depth of art. He pursues us in mathematics and music and physics and biology, through all of our stories in books and movies and comics and songs.


We love our Springs and Summers but don’t love the dying of Autumn and the death of Winter, yet we all face them in repeated circles of death and regeneration. The trick is to remain centered, at peace, within all of the changes; and to keep moving forward, alive, productive within those movements.