About Jason


I’m Jason.

I pastor a church, a really interesting church called ‘The Well,’ full of interesting people and looking for more of the same. You can find us on the web here. I have been involved in teaching and speaking on the gospel since 1988, which makes me happy and old at the same time. I spent most of that time in Youth Ministry, Outreach Ministry and various supporting roles in the churches I had the privilege of serving in. In 2004 I was blessed to begin The Well in Austin, a new work in Austin, Texas where we continued to serve until 2016 when Holy Spirit relocated us to Lockhart, Texas..

I have a great family that I adore including my incredible wife, Karin, and four children: a girl and three boys aging 13-22.

My primary spiritual influences are Brennan Manning, C.S. Lewis, J.I. Packer, Billy Graham, Henry Blackaby, Leonard Sweet, Andrew Murray, Francis of Assisi, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Henri Nouwen, Os Guiness, Calvin Miller, Warren Wiersbe, Mike Yaconelli, D. James Kennedy, Eugene Peterson, Alistair Beeg, and Rich Mullins. Also deserving of mention, probably above all of these writer types are my wife Karin, my parents Jeff and Mary Jones, my Grandfather Albert Elam, my foster brother Stephen Woytkewicz and my former pastor Gary Rodgers.

I teach a Theater course for children at the Unity Performing Arts Project in Lockhart, Texas where I occasionally have opportunity to perform in local shows. I have written, acted and directed as part of the ensemble theatrical troupe “Minds’ Creative.” I am currently the President of the Board of Directors at the Gaslight-Baker Theater in Lockhart, Texas.

I am a total geek, enjoying table-top RPG’s, strategic boardgames of various types and videogames.  I am a huge fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. I also have coached Pop Warner Football and I am an avid football fan.  My wife and I are trying to become successful gardeners and are Victorian art enthusiasts, well, maybe wannabe enthusiasts.

I also enjoy History and Philosophy and many kinds of literature that I haven’t mentioned, and I love movies of which my three favorites are The Quiet Man, Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V, and Casa Blanca.

This site is a continually developing depository for my spiritual thoughts, discussions and probably many meanderings and probably way too much gross self-promotion, but hopefully it will be clear that my continual desire is to share the amazing love of Jesus with all who will listen.

Anything else you wish to know about me should be evident in the blog. I hope you enjoy it.  Let me hear from you.  Also, see my post On Blogging: Read This First. It may give you some more insight to my character.


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