I have allowed myself to be censored. I have cared too much for the opinions of man. I have not loved in action and deed as I should. I have worried too much about success and not enough about truth. Real truth. I have not joyfully defended my God when I should. I have not angrily turned over tables in temples when I should have. I have played nice. I have let politics interfere with my thinking as if any government of man can fix or has ever fixed anything. I have not stood against inequity enough. I have not stood against inequality enough. I have been lazy in my pursuit of my purpose. And I have wanted to be liked. Forgive me, Lord. And I’m sure there’s more.

Marriage: Rules of Engagement

Now, before we go any further, let’s get rid of a myth. No one makes you do anything. No one makes you so angry you lose it, that’s your choice. Argue with me, rail against me, do what you will but managing your anger is your responsibility.