I’ve been spending some time catching up with old friends lately. Technology has made things so much easier in the area of relationships, especially the long term, long distance ones. When you don’t talk to someone in a while and then you suddenly think, “Are they dead?” It’s just a lot easier to email than to phone, no awkward silences, no disappointment in not recognizing the voice on the line, lot’s of monologue and background; plus it’s just easier to let someone choose to reply or not reply than risk them hanging up on you, not all my old friendships ended amiably! Anyhoo, one old friend wanted to see pix of the people in my life. Now I love pictures, they have an eternal quality that I find beautiful. They freeze a moment and any time you look at them you can go back there. They contain the stuff of story within their frames, human stories, real stories, love stories. Every baby picture is a story of hope and remembered passion. Every wedding picture is a story of risk and adventure, danger and feats of derring-do. Every vacation picture is an epic.

The sad thing is, we often do not experience these things as real stories while we are living them, while they are happening. Gimli son of Gloin said, “memory is not what the heart craves,” but truthfully, all he should have done was lived in the moment. Memory recalls, but live it while you can. Every moment is a gift of God and you have a chance at making it eternal. don’t waste it.


3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. That’s called “redeeming the time”. Time is an investment and an opportunity to sow…always invest in that which is eternal because it is from there that we really want to reap.

  2. I aint dead yet!!!!!

    We all have paths that we took, are did not, take with old friends. But always remember that God gave you that friend for some reason , and there is a reason why they are in the past. But our life is not called to the past or is called to the future , but to today. Now that is not to say that old friends cannot come back together and reform those tight bonds. But if u look back at the time in your life , and look truly with God’s help , you will find the purpose that that person had in your walk.

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