Engaging the Mystery

So yesterday I spoke about peter walking on the water and how he engaged the mystery of the ghostly Christ who spoke to him. Engaging the mystery is a very important part of our walk with Christ and our understanding of who He is. Our mindset is totally set against it. It is the ultimate act of anti-modernity. Basically, to live inside of the mystery of God every day is to accept that everyday you will be witness to or part of a supernatural act of God. Now I don’t believe that anything God does is ‘super’ natural, not in the sense that it is outside of nature; God created everything, anything He adds or takes away is completely natural. But, for our science and proof laden minds, the ability to see things that we can’t explain away, and expect them to happen, is very difficult.

Does God speak to you? Do you hear the Voice? You understand what that sounds like?

Do you believe in coincidence or divine appointment? I had a bumper sticker once that said that a coincidence was when God worked a miracle and decided to remain anonymous. Do you believe it or do you ignore coincidences and ‘chance’ meetings?

Can God lead you in every day life? Does He?

Engage the mystery. Walk into a world where every storm is a picture and every tree a story. Walk into a world where every rainbow is a promise and every person is a romance. Walk into a world of mystery and sudden revelation where Jesus is beside you every day, not as an ethic or an ideal but as a living breathing person.


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