Okay, I haven’t blogged in a few days. Sorry, computer was down. What’d I miss?

Thanks to Burton for the great response to my last post, it helped a great deal. Through dreams and then interpretation, (received via Batman), the Spirit came in loud and strong in several areas. Karin and I will be moving as soon as we find the right place. Our criteria include school choices, price and commute distance as Karin has not been released by God to leave her current position.

The other things I was struggling with had to do with vision and direction for our little community. What I was told over a course of several days in several ways, (for details, ask), was this:

1. Die. Seriously, the Spirit revealed that I had to continue to die to every thing in my life but the vision. My God given priorities, like my family, are of course still in place. But personal feelings and emotions, my ideas, my friendships, my decisions, all must run through the filter of the vision for The Well. Easy to write, hard to live.

2. Defense. Just like basketball, there will be no offense at The Well without defense. That means prayer. We have been under the gun from starting line to this very day and we must pray for God’s hand on our lives and for each other.

The next thing that happened was that the building we have desired to have as our home base is now available……………….for $750,000! We need capital. Now, even if this isn’t the building, we need capital. There are so many things in our plan that require dedicated space. Not to be the church in, we are not a facility based ministry, but to house some of our other ideas involving music, arts, community, kids, etc……. We are working on a plan, something radical and unlike the normal method of doing things. Pay attention to the website for details.

Take a look at the My Utmost link. I want you to see what is written there for the last two days, that would be July 6 and 7. Oswald Chambers has been my boon companion on my journey since February, I’d love for you to read him! I had tried several times to use this particular devo guide but not until this year was it the right time.

Blessings, Prayers, Much Love


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