Holy Moments

Elton John is singing in my ears right now, “How wonderful life is……”

You know, I do a lot of worrying, a lot of moving on to the next thing, a lot of striving after what I think I should be. The thing is, despite the fact that I am known as a pretty laid back guy, I still spend a great deal of time dreaming about things being better; how do I become more successful? How do I touch more people? How do I touch the stars? Sometimes it takes a storm to shake your thoughts.

As I’ve watched the horror unfold in New Orleans, along with you, I have been struck many times with the thoughts of how terrible it must be for those people, and the constant refrain of what can I do? Well, I am finding ways to help, I hope you are as well but I hope something else for you and me.

I watched my three year old son sleep yesterday; just watched the peace in his steady breathing and his countenance; I watched the beauty of his form and his sleeping innocence, and I was reminded of the holiness of the moment. Thanks to Rob Bell in Velvet Elvis for making me pay attention. I am driven to thankfulness and compassion by the sheer awe of one holy moment. What if…….

What if my family were ripped from me by disaster? What if my life became a struggle to survive? If I had to loot to survive? Could I be who I am? Could I find the strength to find God and lead others to Him despite the hell of water and death? Could I love? Could I praise Him who made me and gave me everything if He decided to take it away? I am driven to thankfulness for what I have. I am driven to compassion for those who must endure more than I think I could, but for God.

Seek out holy moments today and let them take you before God. His presence will teach you more about yourself than you knew you had to learn. Tears and chills and brokenness are the schoolmasters of the heart, let awe of the wonderfulness of life lead you to that place. Let it change you as your heart lives on pilgrimage.


One thought on “Holy Moments

  1. May God’s heartbeat continue to pulse through your ministry. I receive a great deal of insight and inspiration to continue seeking and praying. Your writings are a blessing. Thank you for your obedience in all things for the Love of Christ.

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