Sunday Afternoon’s With Karen C.

Just sat down at my keyboard on Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes, Sunday afternoons feel like victory.

Sometimes, Sunday afternoons feel like abject failure.

Sometimes, Sunday afternoons feel like today.

Today, Sunday afternoon feels like I need a cup of tea, a few quiet moments with my God, and Karen Carpenter; seriously.

Occasionally nothing in my life works without Karen Carpenter. Today it was because, as I looked at where we are and what all we still have to do as a church, I was a bit discouraged, a bit scared of the mountains on the horizon and I needed to be reminded…………….

“We’ve only just begun to live.”

God, I miss Karen Carpenter. She died, you know? Anorexia took from us one of the most beautiful voices of the age. I wish she could have learned from her songs what I learned from them. If she could have just realized that she had only just begun; that she could be on top of the world. If she just had realized that rainy days and Mondays pass by eventually and that she never had to say goodbye to love. Oh, man, what we do to ourselves.

Anyway, I get that feeling sometimes and need to here that golden voice; let that warm tea sink down into my bones; relax and feel the earth turning under my feet as the skies reel above me in their shining dance. I need to be alone inside my head and heart; still and quiet; and slowly, so slowly, Karen’s sweet voice is replaced by another Voice, sweeter still, that sings to me of hope and love and a better tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon’s With Karen C.

  1. I originally wrote a long, irrelevant comment, but decides that it would be better to offer…I don’t know…something else. Never having pined for Karen Carpenter, I don’t quite understand specifically, but I know the place from which that pining originates. I sleep there sometimes. Who am I to offer any commentary? Nobody. I love you. We love you. He loves you. You know that already, though. It’s trite, but it’s true. But, it’s trite. Overdone. It, somehow, has lost some of it’s meaning and impact. It’s trite, but it’s true. I feel you. I used to toss that phrase around because it sounded hip. But I understand what it means now. I feel you, brother, friend, child, partner. You’re a better friend than I will ever be and I pray the God will bless you for it.

  2. Jason, you are always so encouraging, understanding and loving when I need you the most. It is hard to know what to say to you when you need encouragement, understanding and love. Just know that you are on a journey with many who love you and no matter what happens there is something to be said for community.

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