On Blogging: Read This First

It was G.K. Chesterton who mused in the preface to his great book Orthodoxy that writing a book was inherently arrogant as it required you to make a decision that people actually wanted to read your words and that you had a message worth other peoples time.  I suppose that blogging (as well as preaching) fits that same description.  So I am taking on the task of using an inherently arrogant vehicle to deliver and neccesarily humble message.  Ironic.

It will be made simpler by the fact that I intend these musings to be oriented towards the spiritual, driven by my work with my people at The Well, and inspired by the Spirit of God, or whatever you believe inspires me if you are not of the same mindset.

On that note, when I was a kid I used to sit in the back of the car on long road trips and narrate long, usually Space Opera, stories into my battery operated cassette recorder and then play them back for my enjoyment and my incredibly indulgent parents amusement.  I’d like to copy the philosophy of the tape recorder as I blog and preach and whatever else I do.  I just want to record the words I hear and play them back for you.  Then perhaps, without taking credit for what I do , I can put forth some true thoughts and ideas without succumbing to the aforementioned arrogance.

I hope you find whatever you were looking for when you stumbled on these scratchings.  If not, I hope you find a new treasure to drive your search.


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