An Informal Update

If there is no objective truth or absolute moral law then human dignity, love, friendship all of these things we hold dear become social constructs, they don’t exist, except to make us feel better.

The Obligatory… 2

But lately, they had grown together like two trees that occupied the same place in the woods for so long that they entwined and you could no longer tell where one ended and the other began.

Something Strange

You know what? You are the only one who knows what hurts your heart. You are the only one who can recognize the truth of what you are facing. And guess what? God cares.

Road Songs, Perspective pt. 3

Our joy dissolves into a puddle of tears at our feet. That stupid cartoon thundercloud hovers above our head. We snap at everyone or cry at the smallest emotional stimulus. And some stupid preacher tells us that it’s a matter of perspective. Don’t you just want to shoot that guy? But wait, he is just the messenger, and that message is a truth that will see you through.

Stormy Weather

A God who doesn’t love is not a boon to us, He would be our total annihilation! But Jesus, claimed to be God, and then loved us in a way no one had seen before. He showed us that God is love and opened a channel to Him as our Daddy (Abba) that all Hell, including our sin, could never close.