to whom it may concern

He cries for you when you constantly cut yourself with old knives of broken memories. He hurts for you when you go back to your drug of choice again and again seeking solace. He is dying to see you free.

Stormy Weather

A God who doesn’t love is not a boon to us, He would be our total annihilation! But Jesus, claimed to be God, and then loved us in a way no one had seen before. He showed us that God is love and opened a channel to Him as our Daddy (Abba) that all Hell, including our sin, could never close.

Passion Week, Wednesday: When the Going Gets Tough

I’m sure He prayed, ate some of Martha’s locally famous rhubarb pie, played a game of chess with Lazarus, who had become amazingly hard to beat lately, and listen to Mary giggle as she told Him funny stories about her childhood. I bet he got up early and went fishing with Peter, Andrew and the gang. You know they gave Judas the business because He was in a somber mood and Jesus had to tell Thomas to quit worrying about seventy-two times.