to whom it may concern

Having trouble with my writing voice today, not sure where to go. So, this is what’s on my mind, this is for you, someone out there who needs it.

God loves you.

Not just a little stream but an ocean of love.  Whether you believe in Him or not, He loves you.

He sees your loneliness and your struggles. He sees your self-loathing that you hide from the world. He knows that your heart longs for good things: for peace and justice and life, and He wants you to find those things.

He so wants to be with you and ease your darkness. He wants to free you from your selfishness make you into the best possible version of who you can be. God is an artist and He wants you to be His greatest work. But He is a gentleman. He won’t force Himself on you. He wants you to learn to love Him and desire His presence in your life.

He wants you to enjoy your life to the fullest and wants to be right in the thick of it with you, thick steaks, cold glasses of cheer, loud music, soft candlelight, high romance all the things that bring you joy and lead you to want more of a real life.

He cries for you when you constantly cut yourself with old knives of broken memories. He hurts for you when you go back to your drug of choice again and again seeking solace. He is dying to see you free.

He died to see you free. Be free. Dance in the rain, float down the river, fly on the morning sun. But look up. He loves you.

God. Jesus. He loves you.

This is the gospel. If you will seek Him you will find Him. Cry out.

He is near to you, believer. Near to your struggle. Throw yourself on Him.

He is near to you, unbeliever. Near to your despair. Have faith, take His hand.

He is near to you, lost traveler, confused and afraid. Trust Him, step out over the edge.

God loves you. Jesus loves you. Spirit loves you.

What now?


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