"Do not seek the treasure!"

Do you remember “O Brother Where Art Thou?” I laughed tears from my eyes watching that film. Something in the theme of that movie struck a chord in me that has continued to sound through the few years since it came out. It could have been any number of things but one thing I was reminded of this week was the absolute dedication to “finding the treasure” in the face of hopeless odds. Even after “The Blind Bard” warned them that their “ob-stackles” would keep them from finding what they wanted, that their goal wasn’t really their goal, and that the road would be much harder than they expected, they kept going. I guess desperation will do that.

I woke up this morning feeling all the “ob-stackles” in my life. I hate it when the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up is how long the journey is and how hard the fight. I also hate that, when it comes down to it, I have nothing to whine about. My problems don’t matter much, but, well, they matter to me. Selfish isn’t it?

The real problem isn’t my obstacles, it’s me.

A good portion of the miles ahead of me are not demonic road blocks or sirens waiting to turn me into a toad. A fair portion of my obstacles are of my own design; things that were shelved, put off, ignored, or employed in outright rebellion, that now line the road ahead with broken glass and wicked deadfalls. So what’s a poor boy to do?

Shut up, for one thing. I’ll take my problems to the Lord, He can handle them, and is willing to hear me cry. For another, I think I will just put my head down and push through. See, ’cause, like the boys in “O Brother,” I know that if I pursue the treasure, the journey will lead me “even unto my salvation.”

Bless you, who read this: May you be blessed with perseverance and joy for your journey; in Jesus’ name and by His holy power.



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