Strangers, Aliens, Nomads

First of all, I removed the previous post.

I did it because it didn’t come out like I wanted it to: I didn’t like the tone or the way that it could be easily misunderstood so I’ll some up the points.

1. Some of the things that are cool about ourselves are also weaknesses.
2. That sucks.
3. Some things that are weaknesses in us, God leaves there on purpose.
4. That also su………… Okay, I won’t say it because God gets to decide and He’s right.
5. People, including moi, are arrogant and judge everyone else according to what works for them.
6. God made people for specific purposes, strengths and weaknesses included so, we should get over ourselves.

That was it. It was pointed at me and whomever the Spirit pointed it at.
So enough about my vanishing post.

This Christmas season is one of the oddest I have ever experienced. The Apostle Peter says we are to live as strangers and aliens in the world but I’ve never felt that like I do this year. Consider: I am involved in moving my family into temporary housing with my parents; our church is having to meet in temporary space for the next three weeks; that same church is still, ultimately, impermanent, an experiment, a dream shot; due to illness, misunderstanding, busy schedules and what-not, Karin and I are more isolated than I can ever remember being. It’s weird. We truly are entering a time when there is no stability in our lives except each other and God; and God is the only true stability.

I was thinking about James and Cassie, my friends/cousins, who recently adopted a baby girl from China, Annelise. You can find her blog elsewhere on the blog page for The Well. Anyway, they are in a weird transition also. They have a stranger in their house. Everything has changed, and it was a change based on decision. That’s interesting. I have another friend who lives in a travel trailer, not because he has to, but by choice. Strangers, aliens, nomads. All pictures of God’s people on the move.

I’m not unhappy to be entering a nomad phase of my life, truth is, I’ve been here over a year already. In fact I look forward to the freedom that God grants us through these times. Promised lands, simplicity, devotion, all the real blessings of God found on pilgrimage. What’s your journey this Christmas?


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