Living the Dream or What I Learned From the Horns Title Run

Okay, let me just say….
Hook’em Horns!!!!!!!

Now then, I waited to blog on this ‘cuz I needed to know the full outcome before I started. Now I know, as I suspected before, and the whole Longhorn Nation knows as well, the 2005 ‘Horns were the best football team in the country; in no small part because of the outstanding play of their generational quarterback, Vince Young, and the continual growth of Head Coach Mack Brown. However, as much of a long time fan as I am, it would be out of character for me to find value in something that I couldn’t learn from so here’s a few things I learned from Vince, Mack, and the boys.

1. Have fun, stay loose–The idea here is that we are joyful people. We have a deadly serious competition with much more at stake than ad crystal football but we are called to be joyful and optimistic (faithful, if you prefer) so we should be loose and have fun. There are times when the Christian walk and life in general are no fun at all, but that’s all the more reason to celebrate and play through the parts that are, or can be fun. So, I says to myself, loosen up! Don’t worry! We will win.

2. Be confident–We have a great gameplan and great talent, and awesome fanbase and the greatest coach ever; plus which we already know that we are going to win! So don’t sweat the setbacks, errors, fumbles, falls, etc. We will come back and achieve victory, no matter what and no matter who opposes us. Walk tall and risk everything because it’s no risk.

3. Trust the players–Mack Brown has said publicly that he and his staff had to let the players, especially Young, be themselves on the field and play their game. Young would have never achieved anything were it not for the guys who blocked and caught passes, etc. Everyone had to trust that everyone would be in the right place, and when someone screwed up, they just supported and encouraged him. After Texas missed an extra point and a field goal, Vince the Field General wanted to win even more so that David Pino, the kicker, wouldn’t be the goat, that’s lookin’ out for your brother.

4. Never, ever, ever give up–See number 2 above; and remember that 35 years isn’t too long to wait for the next championship, if you believe. Ask my Dad.

5. Move on when it’s time–I’ll miss Vince but I believe him when he said that he would pray and decide about the next level. Always keep your goals high and remember that success is more than individual accolades.

Okay, I know that there’s more but that’s fine for now.


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