Regrets. Regression, Restoration


I have decided to post.

I have been thinking about God.


I have been thinking about how incredibly powerful and majestic and awesome God is. I have been looking back at the road of my life, paying special attentions to the stop overs that people have called ‘successes’ and ‘failures.’ I’ve made some terrible and wonderful choices. I have gone to lots of places I shouldn’t have, and many that I should. I have ignored people and loved them. I have pranced on stage, arms up, fists in the air, listening to the roar of the crowd. I have fallen flat on my face. I have been a wonderful, loving husband and a self-centered, lazy brat of a mate. I have been a great and terrible father. I have been an obedient servant of God and I have stood akimbo, staring Him defiantly in the eye and refusing direction. I have worked hard, and I have slacked off.

Sometimes I have succeeded, despite my sin and stupidity.

Sometimes I have failed, despite my blood, sweat and tears.

But always. God has worked out His will in my life; as if I could thwart Him by any means. He is the beginning and end of all things. He is all-powerful. He loves with an everlasting love. Me?

I do the best I can to follow and be righteous, and rely on Him to work out the rest. How arrogant to claim success and failure when I am always in sin and never powerful before my Maker. I have free will, but so does He.

Come walk this way with me. Without my successes, my life would be less full, but God would still be God. Without my failures, I would never have been here to write this blog, most of you would never have known me, for I am placed by my supposed failures; but God would still be God.

What is success? To obey and learn, to make decisions of the will to follow God.

What is failure? To always play it safe, never get hurt, never fall down, never find yourself lost in the wilderness; for God is always out there beckoning us forward into the unknown. There is no measuring stick but obedience to His call. Success? Failure? Drop your chains, brothers and sisters, walk in the Light.


2 thoughts on “Regrets. Regression, Restoration

  1. He is just.. amazing. No matter where we are or what happens, He is still the constant.

    Its funny how we try to measure our life up to the standards we think God has, like successes and failures.

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