I just had an awesome smoothie. I think it was probably not the healthiest one I have ever had but then, I’m in Round Rock, not one of the more fanatically healthy places I tend to visit for smoothies. It was good, though. Kiss of heaven. The finger of God in a plastic cup.

Think that’s crazy? No wonder people are so bored and cranky! James (in the bible) says that every good gift comes down from the Father of lights so, my smoothie, received with thanksgiving, is a gift from my Great Gifting God. Sometimes it helps to remember, the absence of God means the absence of good, for He is the source and definition of good. God’s presence is announced by pleasure and joy and beauty and awe and fear, things we feel that make us glad to be alive. (I’m speaking of healthy fear!)

Jesus says if your eyes are good your whole body is full of light. What? I think He means that your eyes health is determined by what you are looking for. The Pharisees looked for evil and difficulty and they found it. Then they were filled with darkness, like a thousand Darth Eeyore’s filling the land with doom and gloom and judgment. Jesus looked for good, and potential good, and He found it, gold nuggets in a mine of dirt and despair. It means He loved people.

It teaches us to love people, when we look for good. It also teaches us that God is really everywhere, speaking, all the time. So next time you enter into the eeyore thing, the poor me, pity me, “you don’t know the power of the dark side” thing, ask yourself: How are my eyes? What am I looking for?

MMMMMMmmmmm. Good smoothie.


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