"The sun doth arise, and make happy the skies…"

Today I saw them; and though I know the end of the week will be very cold, the joy they gave me, this year as ever, will not be diminished.

Today I saw them peeking out of the dead gray and brown that has been ravaged by a dry winter; hopeful, pressing up to greet the sun.

Today I saw them on the side of the road, the green shoots of new grass.

Today they announced to me that Spring is around the corner.

I love Spring. It speaks of new life and renewal. It speaks of the end of death. It speaks of hope and birth and rebirth. It speaks of Easter and Resurrection Sunday. I love the smells and the vivid colors of Spring.

Spring is a new theme of God’s symphony every year; like a new release from a favorite singer, or the film you’ve waited for all summer.

I remember when Karin, Mary-Grace and I went to the Smokey Mountain National Park. It was early Spring and the mountains were just waking up from their long sleep under white blankets. You could almost see them stretching in the cold mornings. Their coverings fell down around their shoulders and fed the thousand streams that run down through those misty miles. When we left our car and sojourned out onto the many trails that led to the secret places of the park, we were serenaded by the voices of the falling snowmelt. The sun shimmered down from the sky, bounced off of many waters, and pierced our eyes with beauty. Mary-Grace was just wandering in Oz, in love with every sound and picture, and the desire to “touch the water.”

We soaked it all in, the magnificent refrain of the renewal of Heaven and Earth.

Spring echoes in my heart, and the desire for it’s coming reminds me that one day, we will be renewed forever. When the Son rises again and fills the Earth with His songs, we will enter a life that can barely be imagined. The vivid hues of Spring will fade, then, but the indescribable explosion of the sense that we will live in will make even our most joyous times seem but pale and weak substitutes. So, come Spring. Spring eternal, Eternal Spring. Fill us with life.


3 thoughts on “"The sun doth arise, and make happy the skies…"

  1. The SON has risen and made Happy my Skies…gosh…you did you pull an Enoch on us? Though that wouldn’t have been all bad. But at least you should’ve posted before you left… πŸ˜›

  2. Oy, you! Ya’ said you was gonna post.

    Especially now that I’ve got my account on blogger working again…


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