Snow, Change and Broken Hearts

Sometimes I need a swift kick in the pants.

I posted a link on Facebook to an article in Salon about child abuse masquerading as Christian doctrine. It was grotesque. I was infuriated. You can view the article here or view the whole ensuing conversation on Facebook A. Jason Jones. I won’t repeat all my anger here, but it was quickly evident that something else was happening.

This event happened in my life during a period of extreme spiritual activity that had nothing to do with my own action. It was Divine Wind acting on my life entirely, the article and the conversation on Facebook was just the latest gust; and this one hit me hard. I have been awaiting change in my heart for a few weeks now. I don’t know if you have the experience of an expectation of a coming sea change in your own heart and mind. It is much like looking northwest over the Texas plains in winter and seeing the big black sky rolling inexorably towards you but not having a good idea when it will arrive. And then, suddenly, the wind hits you and the wind is obviously not from around here. See, if winter is not active in the part of Texas that I live in, it simply ceases to be a factor for long periods of time. But these ‘blue northers’ will remind you that there is another place, a place of biting cold and invigorating winds. And change comes sending chills down your spine but there is excitement in the shivering. This is how God often brings on new revelation and chapters in my life. It also snowed at my house today.

I don’t know how you feel about climate change and probably don’t care. The Book tells me that the Earth is dying under a curse that only the Saints of God can repair and we generally haven’t answered that call so, whatever name it goes by, the Earth rots like an abused fruit because of neglect and poor stewardship. I do what I can and tell others to do what they can, but don’t believe the government can fix a spiritual problem so there ya go, my opinion. I am much more interested in the climate change of the soul.

We all have soul seasons: seasons of preparation and planning, seasons of planting and building, seasons of rain and seasons of sun, seasons of harvest, life and death. These seasons paint their swaths of color across our lives against a backdrop of our soul, and the soul has a climate. Some of us are cold and bitter. Some of us are warm and open. Some of us are always looking to make someone smile and some are cruel. Some of us are crusaders and some of us are thieves. This is the climate of our soul, but that climate is subject to change. Soul climate change is not unlike seasonal change but is broader and more far reaching and happens with much less frequency as this change is a heart change usually resulting in a new direction, a new set of goals. The unusual weather today might well have fallen in my heart where many types of unusual weather have been occurring lately. I suddenly knew a season had passed but the result was a new direction, a new thought.

I don’t know what it all means but I know when I noticed it. The storm that broke over me when I read that article was rife with thunder and lightning. I knew it was time, my days of walking softly are coming to an end. It has become time to ‘rouse’ myself, like ‘the former lions of my blood,’ as Shakespeare would have it. I don’t know what it all means but I know that I have much work to do in the next few months. I hope to show you rather than tell you. In the meantime let me just say this: when your time comes, don’t fight the change. That way lies misery and death, a little bit at a time. Only on the path of change can you find who you are. Only on the path of change can you find life. It’s where I met Jesus, time and again. He said, “Follow Me.” So will I. Follow us.


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