The Wind sings to me. It knows my name and sings to me; a haunting, melodious siren’s song. I’ve heard It for most of my life. Sometimes Wind sings, sometimes Wind howls. Sometimes He uses a strong cyclone and upends my whole world. Sometimes She whispers that She loves me. But the Wind always leads me with It’s song.  There have been times in my life when the song has been a refreshing breeze that just said, “Stop for a while. Rest. Enjoy the green trees and the blue skies.” Sometimes the song has been a martial, howling, trumpet calling me to battle or leading me through darkness.

Once the Wind picked me up and carried me fifteen feet down the center aisle of a South Austin Baptist church and changed my life.

Once the Wind blew down my falsehood and dropped me into a puddle of mud and repentance on a hillside in Victoria county and changed my life again.

Once the Wind chased all my dreams from the sky and led me into a bedraggled old African-American rest home in Marshall, Texas, and again my life was altered.

The Wind blew many good friends out of my life and many more in.

I distinctly remember the Wind swirling around a golden-haired angel and straight into my face so that through my joyful, Windblown eyes I thought she really had a halo. And that changed my life yet again. And so on and so on……the Wind sings.

The Wind has led me here, to this Windswept community of love where I tell the stories that the Wind sings into my heart.

Now, I stand on the edge of a cliff and I look down into darkness, knowing that here in the mystery lies my next adventure and the Wind sings.

“Jump!” He bellows.

“I’ll catch you, my love,” She says in Her sweetest tone.

“You can fly!” sings the Wind. Though my wingless flesh can scarce believe it.

So I stand, ever so slowly, to my full height, leaving behind the huddled crouch of fear and self-protection. The Wind pulls at my coat.

I spread wide my arms, like a crucifix….and wait, balancing against the pull……Listening……Deciding…….

The Wind sings to me.


4 thoughts on “Windsong

  1. Lucas is into toy story 2 right now and this reminded me of the quote, ‘this isn’t flying, it is falling with style!’ As I recall both woody and buzz landed in the arms of their beloved.

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