Perspective, Part 1

I hate it when I can’t see straight. The cause of my vision loss doesn’t matter so much. I just get really irritated when my perception of reality proves false, especially when I didn’t see it coming. I hate it when I am much closer to the precipice than I thought and I suddenly realize that one misstep will lead to a long fall and a sudden stop at the end of the unplanned journey. I hate it when the objects in my rear view mirror are monsters and they  seem so close I can feel their hot breath on my neck, and I know they aren’t really there, but it doesn’t matter, they seem real and close. I hate it when my heart breaks over myriad details that just don’t matter; or when those same insignificant events lead me to rage. You feel this? I know it’s not unique to me.

I need perspective. And here’s where I need it to start.

Luke 9:28-36 is one account of The Transfiguration. This is the event in which Peter, James and John saw Jesus high and lifted up, in His heavenly form, with Moses and Elijah appearing next to Him. And God speaks to them giving authority to His Son. It’s a significant event even on the surface, but for me, today, it’s just what I needed: perspective.

Sometimes in life, as I mentioned above, I lose my perspective, we all do, and as Christians our perspective is healed by the glorification of Christ in our lives. When my world has gone all black and white, it is the revelation of Christ in it that brings back the color.  When I am completely at the mercy of my circumstances and time seems to be crushing me, the revelation of Christ as God in the cracks and crannies of my over-schedule brings a lightness of being and a firm belief that my calling can be completed.  When people drive me to the place of darkness where it seems I am completely alone and I need to cut off everyone to survive, it is the revelation of God in those people and my heart that teaches me to love and be loved.

So here’s what you do, believer or not.

Open your eyes to the Divine. You may not understand everything. You may just have a vague understanding that ‘something’ is out there. Or maybe you are a long term veteran of the faithwalk and a child of God for many years. Open your eyes. As Christ was transfigured and His Divine nature was revealed to the disciples, so can He transfigure and bring out the divine nature in your everyday life. Take some time to look for Him today. Let Him be revealed in sunsets and serenity, in the sound of birdsong, in the chatter of friends. Let Him be revealed in the stories you read and the songs you hear.  Remember, to start, that our perspective begins with our foundation, our starting attitude, the themes we are able to hear on the wind. Life is so short. The petty tyrannies that we allow to bring us down are so insignificant compared to the marvelous epic lifestyle that we are called to. Go up on that mountain and see, there is so much more to this life.


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