Pursuit: Lessons From a Persistent Breaking

God is pursuing you.

I realize how much this idea may rankle or frighten you, but I assure you that it’s true.

Since the last day in Eden when God walked through the garden seeking His beloved man and woman, calling to them, knowing they were hiding yet giving them a chance to respond in love, in remorse; but they had left Him. In their shame and fear they hid, like children closing their eyes so their parents can’t see them. And so have we done ever since.

God pursues us every day with a thousand words of love and encouragement.  He pursues us with His people that He sent to love us. He pursues us with sunrises and sunsets and stars in the dark of night. He pursues us in the joy of laughter and the depth of art. He pursues us in mathematics and music and physics and biology, through all of our stories in books and movies and comics and songs.

He pursues us through failures we shouldn’t have been able to overcome and successes that we know aren’t entirely of our own work. He’s calling you right now. Don’t be stupid. Find out for yourself. Seek out a teacher who can show you His work on the wind and teach you His voice; a teacher who knows His love and His right Way. Pray for yourself, speak to the sky and listen and look for His response. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Believers, God is pursuing you.

How you hide your face from Him! How you reject Him out of fear and selfishness! He calls out to you a thousand times a day to spend time in His presence; to surrender your will to a better way; to speak to Him intimately and often; to understand Him through His word; to learn of His love in your relationships with your brothers and sisters; to attend your weekly family reunion and praise Him in the Assembly of Saints.

Why do you run? He gives you gifts and blessings every day. He paints your life with grace. He sends a thousand reminders every day of His love for you and patiently awaits your response. He sends you laughter and tears to lift your eyes to Him.

And oh, my best beloved, He feels every rejection; every time you turn away; every moment you take away from Him; every time you say you’ll pray and study later, when you have time; every time you choose your way over His-because He loves you. He longs for you, to gather you in and protect you and show you a better life, a better way. Look behind you, He is there. He is calling you right now.

He won’t quit. He won’t turn away to the left or the right. He loves you so much He will do whatever it takes to draw you back to Him.

Don’t run. This is no tawdry crush, it is the Romance of All Time.


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