Reasons for Faith: The Empty Hand

I’ve been thinking about my friends who don’t understand my faith in Christ. To be honest, I find myself in the same boat with those guys! We belong to the same ‘scratching my head in bewilderment’ school of mutual admiration. In other words, we like and respect each other, but are rather baffled at one another’s belief systems. They don’t understand how I can believe what I believe and I don’t understand why they don’t. So allow me to begin sharing my personal apologetic: Why I believe and maybe, just maybe, why you should, too.

Before I get into specifics, I think it’s necessary to begin before the beginning: presuppositions.  Anyone who seeks truth in any matter must endeavor to drop their luggage at the front door of the temple, otherwise the journey will be in vain.  If my presuppositions as a naturalist/materialist disallow any belief that the ‘supernatural’ (I don’t believe in this word) or miraculous exists or can exist, then I cannot seek the truth about any god, let alone the Christian God. If I set out on my journey of proof with the presupposition that God MUST exist, then I will, again, find myself in miracles and visions, signs and wonders, of my own creation.  So the first step is to come empty handed to the party and accept whatever gifts the host (or Host) gives you upon arrival.

In my own personal quest for God, I started by walking a few steps away from the faith of my father and looking at it with a cynical eye.  There were reasons and I wore my disillusionment with Christ followers on my sleeve, even while professing to be one. There were plenty of great arguments, sure, but this faith, this belief that we are created with purpose and love. Could it be true? This is the first question. Could there be an individual, powerful beyond my reckoning, wise beyond my tepid intelligence, loving beyond my imagination, that stood on nothing before nothing had a definition and created everything out of that nothing; the First Cause of everything, the Logos, the Truth, the Singularity of all Possibility, the Timespeaker, Storyteller, Artist and Architect?

(Sorry, got a little carried away;) back to the question:

Is it possible? If there was even the remotest chance that it is Truth, that it’s out there, and that this being could be known and dwelt with and even loved, wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you be driven to find out?

So, having arrived empty handed at the threshold, the next step, the first one of real faith is to ask the question: Could He be real?

I say yes. Not, “Yes, He is real,” we’re not there yet. But yes, it’s possible.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Hamlet, Act I Scene 5

And now, for your listening enjoyment: Ben Harper with Ringo on drums!


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