Reasons for faith: A Leap Forward

If I am accurately going to parallel this short series with my own journey, our next point is probably not what you think.

I have no interest in trying to prove the existence of the Creator; well,  that’s mostly true.  What I should say is that I am not interested in trying to prove the existence of God from the beginning of time. I wasn’t there;  and John Wesley, the great spiritual thinker and founder of the Methodist Church, felt that experience was a huge part of our faith in God. I have no experience, aside from biology and Genesis, of the creation and beginning of all things,  so it seems like an odd place to throw down the gauntlet of belief, for me at least.

Likewise, I am not going to try and prove that Scripture is infallible. That’s a waste of my time and words.  The infallibility of scripture is a matter of faith and understanding. To make it about empirical inerrancy is impossible and improper. It would be as if I wanted to prove that birds were perfect because they could fly and further, to explain the joy of that flight to rabbits. That barely makes sense and I’ve read it three times. Which is kind of my point.  Besides, my faith is not primarily built on a belief in the inerrancy of scripture.

You see, I have no interest in following a book.

Nor do I have any interest in following some Deist version of a creator god who is really just an abstract of sorts. I don’t need an abstract or an energy. If I did, I’d just follow the Force from Star Wars. I need a specific! A God who is there and is not silent. Most of all, I need a God who I can relate to and can relate to me. That’s the only way for me to ever have faith. And I think I found Him.

I worked backwards. pieta

I believe in God and I believe in the Bible because I believe in Jesus Christ. There are three reasons that I believe in Jesus Christ and I will discuss them over the next few posts.

1. I Believe in the Ethic that He taught.

2. I Believe the people that actually seem to be following Him.

3. And most importantly, I believe in the history and the person of Jesus: that He is and was, God Incarnate.

Let’s start with number one….. but I am over 400 words so….wrap your head around this so far and let me know what you think.


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