Just Thinking………….

Okay, this will be more along the lines of, “here’s what’s happening with me.” Aren’t you just trembling with anticipation?

Sunday was good, different but good. I was given a simple message and didn’t muff the delivery too badly. I was afraid that it would be BOOOORRRRIIINNG, as my daughter says, because the content was pretty standard fare for our group but, I don’t have a lot of control over the subjects: I just wait for the fire that comes when I know I’ve hit the right thing.

Preaching is funny to me, this is a side note, soliloquy, take to the camera, whatever. I was trained for the theater, classical mostly, and then secondly, in speech. It was my thang for a long time. When God called me to preach and pastor, it was a very different thing. I could never feel comfortable using the skills I had been taught to communicate the Word, so I learned to rely on a colloquial tone and style that people seemed to respond to as a kind of ‘folksy’ sermon. To this day, when I prepare for a sermon, I think about it, and still have never felt like I should “prepare” in such a way that made me seemed rehearsed or too polished. I’d welcome comments on that.

Back to my day, which is selfish really, because the odd things that happened today had nothing to do with me personally. My Dad was sent to the hospital with the Flu. That changed everything, and also made me worried about my Dad. Aging parents. Here’s something I knew would be coming down the pike one day and there it is, scary as Hell. Well, probably not that scary but that’s the worst thing I can think of. Man, the full Kingdom can’t come soon enough can it? No more death. No more fear of death. No more watching those you love suffer or anticipating that suffering. Watching your parents get ill and not have the strength to fight through things that they used to shrug off is horrible. When I was a kid, my parents were immortals. Now, the more mortal I realize that I am, the more mortal they become, and as circumstance adds to circumstance……………

Truth is, I should be glad to feel this way, my parents are awesome compared to almost everyone’s I know. Karin and I punched the dream ticket where parents are concerned. They aren’t rich, any of them, but, they have limited hang-ups and love us and the kids a lot. I almost never dread seeing my parent’s or in-laws and actually enjoy their company and conversation; and, I might add, their wisdom. The number of folks my age who can say those things is extremely limited. I know a lot about parents from working with teenagers for twenty years and mine and Karin’s rank near the top.

On another note of interest to you, maybe, maybe not, my friend Will (Big O, The Ogre) has a job interview on Wednesday. I say this as a note of interest because, Will’s unemployment has been a source of distraction for me. *Selfishness Alert* I really was worried that Will would have to move back to Southeast Texas. I guess I shouldn’t count chickens before they are hatched, especially someone else’s chickens, but, wow, I need him to get this job.

Will is one of my closest friends and one of the people in my life that know me so well, and for so long, that there is never any sense in being pretentious around him. He respects me and my strengths and is aware of my weaknesses and isn’t and doesn’t desire to be, impressed by me. That is the most liberating thing in a relationship! It’s also very rare. He requires very little maintenance or entertainment and only asks that you be around when he needs you; and he’s around when you need him; and he doesn’t cry wolf. You guys want a definition for friend?

He tells me when he thinks I’m wrong and takes the same. He loves Jesus. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect or smart or pretty. He just is. He’s not perfect but, hey, no one is and anyone can gripe. I came to praise Ogre, not to bury him.

Anyway, I pray that he gets a job soon, and for his health and happiness, and ask that you do the same.

Okay, all blogged out.

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What the ho?


3 thoughts on “Just Thinking………….

  1. Two words: incarnationalism.

    Not sure why one would not use the gifts given. Unless they are not gifts. If they are…then…

    As for your dad…well, what’s to say…God’s goan do what He do, baby.

    As for Ogre…prayers will be offered.

  2. I think you are doing just fine. I like your sermons. Of course I have nothing to compare it to so you can ignore me if you want. I think that the way you preach is not to rehearsed. You keep my attention so I’m happy.
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is feeling better soon.

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